The way to Troubleshoot a Truck Wiring Harness

Basically, we’re going to speak about receiving your wiring installed and what’s happening afterward. Okay, as an example, you went for the problems to get your wiring installed, you plug it into your trailer, and nothing at all happens. There may be plenty of unique factors going on with it. Initially off, you might want to determine for certain regardless of whether it is around the towing automobile side – the car or truck or truck – or if it’s one thing on the trailer. We are going to show you the way to test the various kinds of wiring systems we have shown right here. And that way you are able to tell for positive if it is actually your truck wiring harness or if it really is your trailer.

Initial off,we’ve got a regular T-one connector that goes straight in to the car itself and tends to make its connections and after that goes out for the trailer – a true very simple setup. Really these are just about bulletproof. The only thing that could really take place is, if you do not have the ground in the suitable spot, then these possibly won’t work appropriate. Besides that, they are quite bulletproof. As well as the subsequent one we have over here, we’ve got a T-one connector using a converter installed inside the middle from the harness. Basically, this really is regarding the weak spot on this type of wiring. You’ll find five wires coming in and it converts down to a four-wire technique and back out. A great deal of occasions, in here this could break, for whatever purpose. It could be from the factory. It could be whenever you plug it into your trailer you’ve a quick in it and also you do not know about it. It will cook these just about in an immediate. It depends upon how extreme the short is.

Also we have one more wire harness using the really hard wire. Once again, it generally just has the ends right here that you challenging wire into the car. Fairly comparable to your T-one. It has the exact same converter and every thing. Each of the testing procedures apply to each of them. In truth, we’ll use this 1 to show you ways to test almost everything around the wire harnesses. First off, we are going to show you the simplest T-one connector. Once more, this is the sort that just plugs into your car and also you usually do not even need to worry about ground wire, getting to screw it to sheet metal or frame. This one particular, what you want to accomplish is always to test it. Fundamentally you can find two techniques you’ll be able to do it. Very first off, with it plugged in, you wish to test behind the connector correct right here. You’d like to test these wires having a simple wire tester. You can use anything like this proper here. This can be a true fancy version but you are able to get a uncomplicated a single off a internet site or at a neighborhood auto components store. Generally it consists of an alligator clip in addition to a probe proper right here. You just just pierce the wires. Once you do this, you desire to ground this for the ground around the four-pole right right here. Plus the purpose why you’d like to test it here first, as apart from back here, is always to be sure you have got energy coming out from the connection right here and going for the wires. Mainly because when you have energy right here but you find out you don’t have something right here, that allows you to understand that somewhere in the wire is actually a break. And you could essentially work your way down piercing the wire to discover where the break is and after that make a repair that way. Generally, even though, at that point, it in all probability need to be taken out and replaced. But should you are stuck around the road someplace or in a hurry, you can patch it up that way.

All ideal, subsequent we’re going to talk about testing on a truck wiring harness, or even a T-one connector, which has the converter installed like we’ve one particular here. I will show you how you can test it. It is actually quite similar for the initial one particular I showed you, just a couple additional points that you simply have to double-check though you happen to be testing it. We are going to actually use this model here, the difficult wire version, to test it with however the similar items apply to both. Initially off, the converter box will not function should you do not have the proper input from it. So what you need to accomplish is go ahead and test on this side in the box very first, the input. You use your wire tester. Once again, at the four-pole finish go ahead and ground it. Then you desire to go ahead and just pierce each wire. Like, on right here, let us say we have the operating light circuit on. Just go ahead and pierce the wire and be sure you have got energy going by way of the box. Then you wish to complete that for the other remaining circuits, also. Like, as an example, the brake light. Separate the brake wire and pierce it and tap the brakes, and okay you have input going there. Then you would do precisely the same point once again to the other two. When you have got all 4 of these going into the converter box, you understand that part is fine. The following point should be to go ahead test around the other side with the converter box coming out the four-pole. That way you understand you might have the proper current signal coming in and back out. Okay, our operating light is on, and after that if we hit our brakes we ought to have energy coming out the yellow as well as the green. That tells us our converter is searching fine, so we’ve got signal on each sides. Now if we only have one particular brake on just certainly one of the turn signal leads, that means that there’s anything inside the converter which has died, we can’t fix it. It just must be replaced. So you desire to double-check and make certain, ahead of you plug the trailer in, that this can be operating appropriately. And when you do plug the trailer in, test it or hold a great eye on it, make the test brief simply because it might flash not as vibrant as just before if there is certainly a brief in it. And if it is actually not as bright, say as an example 1 side is brighter than the other, that signifies there is a quick on 1 side and that you wish to disconnect as fast as you possibly can and test your trailer independently to find out where the brief is within the trouble. So generally, to get a recap, once again, you would like to check your connector, no matter whether or not it is a converter or not. You’d like to check the input going in. Again, with all the wires going in in the event you have got a signal coming in here, great. And also you need to repeat it around the other side, coming out and it’s usual to complete it in the end in the four-pole. In case you have got power coming in and power coming out, then you know the four-pole is fine and you have to move on to your trailer. Just about which is it in testing it.

OBD2 GPS Tracker

Real-time GPS technology aim to help relevant person to remotely position any assets at any time.
This live monitoring data can be used for inspecting child safety, safeguarding assets, Automotive Security, Safe Teen Driving Verification, Senior Safety, Fleet Management, Fuel Consumption Reduction, Mileage Accounting, Real-Time GPS Alerts.

It is commonly utilized in automotive area to strength fleet efficiency, provide auto-theft security and reduce costs caused by lack of accountability. Bad route selection, personal use of company vehicles, aggressive driving behaviors and a number of other things related to vehicle management can all hurt profit. Comparing to the huge loss due to unsatisfying employees performing, stolen assets and potential personal security risk, monthly service obligation for any real-time GPS is insignificant.

OBD2 gps tracker is one of the real time GPS Tracking Device. the OBD ii tracker installs within seconds and runs off the car itself. With additional accessories, both exposed or hidden install are available.

For most vehicles, like MENZ, volvo FORD, mazda…The on-board diagnostic OBD2 female port is located directly underneath the steering column of the vehicle. All vehicles manufactured after 1996 are required to have an OBD ii port inside the vehicle.


The obd2 Y cable …… an extended cable that is used to conceal the OBD ii tracker, while at the same time keep the port open in case it needs to be serviced. Just pop the OBD ii port out of the vehicle and replace the port with one of the female ends of the cable. Plug the original port and the OBD ii tracker into the other two ends of the Y Cable.

The OBD ii GPS tracker OBDII plugs directly into the OBD ii port. The tracker requires no installation and will provide real time tracking.

Brief Introduction To OBD2 Connector And Cable Family

To control engine functions, monitor parts of the chassis and diagnose engine problems, OBD-II standard in all light and medium duty vehicle was introduced in the mid-’90s. Generally you can easily find the SAE J1962 diagnostic connectorbehind the dashboard, above the brake pedal.

Different vehicle manufacturer personalized their own OBD2 port.

In Yeahui, 5 kinds of OBD2 female connector are available..

Purple OBD2 Female connector for Porsche.AUDI.Skoda

OBD2 J1962 Female Connector fit MAZDA,SUBARU Brand

Green OBD2 J1962 Female Connector fit Citroen,Peugeot brand

TOYOTA, Nissan .KIA brand OBD-16P female

VOLVO OBD-16P female

3 types of OBD2 male connector are in great demand, 12V or 24V is optional, with constant center alignment tab is 12V, otherwise 24V.

In all, there are two kinds of processing skill for assembly OBD2 connector, one is welding, another is crimping. It all depends on whether terminal is pre-fixed in obd2 core.
Biggest seller YH1001/YH1002: OBD2 Male with crimping terminal

YH1004-1/YH1004-2: OBD2 Male with welding terminal

YH1012: Right-angle OBD2 male connector, it’s widely used with a enclosure and popular among DIY maker, for which you can design your own PCB inside.

Features & advantages:
PVC molding,
Yeahui quality even surpass Delphi’s quality,
plug and play mating cycles: 50000 times..
compatibility with all kinds of OBD2 female connector,

OBD2 connector can either connect with flat cable or round cable. Flat cable vary from one layer insulation or double insulation..
Double layer OBD2 flat cable

For one layer flat cable, our ready cable specification is UL20251, 8PIN 26AWG flat cable. 

Get a unique idea for up-to-date OBD2 cable, our extensive custom experience and sophisticated engineering capability can convert your thoughts to reality! From PVC mould design(shape, appearance) to height, width, length as compact as possible, and etc..

For more connector and cable questions, please contact customer service at

What is telematics?

Telematics? You may heard a lot about this buzzwords, but what is telematics? How it relates to our life?

Fleetmatics Development Limited defines Telematics as integrates telecommunications and informatics world. It’s the technology of sending, receiving and storing information relating to remote objects-like vehicles-via telecommunication devices. Under this definition, its similarity reminds us of GPS(Global Positioning System) technology. With the requirements of remote monitoring of vehicles, the universal understanding of telematcis has gradually equal to GPS vehicle tracking.

What information can Fleet Telematics brings? Here are some of the most common types of data tracked by fleets.

Driving Patterns-These can be tracked to ensure that each driver is driving to optimum standards and fuel efficiency. It will also expose dangerous or careless drivers.

Traffic And Congestion-By becoming aware of traffic delays and congestion, fleet controllers can give updates on delays to customers and maintain deadlines.

Geofencing-This can make sure that fleet drivers keep to selected areas and routes which are chosen for their efficiency. If a driver veers off from the route, the fleet controller will be alerted and can contact the driver.

CO2 Emissions-These can be monitored to ensure they comply with governmental standards.

Servicing and Maintenance-You can plan your servicing and general upkeep of fleet vehicles by having specific data as to their exact mileage and usage.

Telematics Mapping-this allows you to replay a drivers movements and driving as if you were the driver, noting speed, braking and idling habits.

Benefits of Fleet Telematics
Fleet telematics provides real-time information about the location of your vehicles, idling status, and speed. lets you communicate directly with your drivers, helps to improve driving behavior and save on fuel.

It is a way of monitoring the location, movement, status and behavior of a vehicle within a fleet. This is achieved through a combination of a GPS receiver and an electronic GSM device that is installed in each vehicle, which then communicates with the user and web-based software.

This information gives you complete, near up-to-the-minute knowledge of your fleet activities in one centralized, web-based interface. All of this information helps you:

•Increase productivity
•Reduce labor costs
•Control fuel costs
•Improve customer service
•Increase fleet safety & security
•Reduce operating expenses
•Reduce unauthorized vehicle use
In  Yeahui, we have full ability to offer Marine Electrical Connectors, Vehicle OBDII GPS Tracking&navigation cable, OBD2 Flat  ribbon cable,Truck Wiring Harness… for the fleet Telematics Device.