Brief Introduction To OBD2 Connector And Cable Family

To control engine functions, monitor parts of the chassis and diagnose engine problems, OBD-II standard in all light and medium duty vehicle was introduced in the mid-’90s. Generally you can easily find the SAE J1962 diagnostic connectorbehind the dashboard, above the brake pedal.

Different vehicle manufacturer personalized their own OBD2 port.

In Yeahui, 5 kinds of OBD2 female connector are available..

Purple OBD2 Female connector for Porsche.AUDI.Skoda

OBD2 J1962 Female Connector fit MAZDA,SUBARU Brand

Green OBD2 J1962 Female Connector fit Citroen,Peugeot brand

TOYOTA, Nissan .KIA brand OBD-16P female

VOLVO OBD-16P female

3 types of OBD2 male connector are in great demand, 12V or 24V is optional, with constant center alignment tab is 12V, otherwise 24V.

In all, there are two kinds of processing skill for assembly OBD2 connector, one is welding, another is crimping. It all depends on whether terminal is pre-fixed in obd2 core.
Biggest seller YH1001/YH1002: OBD2 Male with crimping terminal

YH1004-1/YH1004-2: OBD2 Male with welding terminal

YH1012: Right-angle OBD2 male connector, it’s widely used with a enclosure and popular among DIY maker, for which you can design your own PCB inside.

Features & advantages:
PVC molding,
Yeahui quality even surpass Delphi’s quality,
plug and play mating cycles: 50000 times..
compatibility with all kinds of OBD2 female connector,

OBD2 connector can either connect with flat cable or round cable. Flat cable vary from one layer insulation or double insulation..
Double layer OBD2 flat cable

For one layer flat cable, our ready cable specification is UL20251, 8PIN 26AWG flat cable. 

Get a unique idea for up-to-date OBD2 cable, our extensive custom experience and sophisticated engineering capability can convert your thoughts to reality! From PVC mould design(shape, appearance) to height, width, length as compact as possible, and etc..

For more connector and cable questions, please contact customer service at



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