OBD2 GPS Tracker

Real-time GPS technology aim to help relevant person to remotely position any assets at any time.
This live monitoring data can be used for inspecting child safety, safeguarding assets, Automotive Security, Safe Teen Driving Verification, Senior Safety, Fleet Management, Fuel Consumption Reduction, Mileage Accounting, Real-Time GPS Alerts.

It is commonly utilized in automotive area to strength fleet efficiency, provide auto-theft security and reduce costs caused by lack of accountability. Bad route selection, personal use of company vehicles, aggressive driving behaviors and a number of other things related to vehicle management can all hurt profit. Comparing to the huge loss due to unsatisfying employees performing, stolen assets and potential personal security risk, monthly service obligation for any real-time GPS is insignificant.

OBD2 gps tracker is one of the real time GPS Tracking Device. the OBD ii tracker installs within seconds and runs off the car itself. With additional accessories, both exposed or hidden install are available.

For most vehicles, like MENZ, volvo FORD, mazda…The on-board diagnostic OBD2 female port is located directly underneath the steering column of the vehicle. All vehicles manufactured after 1996 are required to have an OBD ii port inside the vehicle.


The obd2 Y cable ……..is an extended cable that is used to conceal the OBD ii tracker, while at the same time keep the port open in case it needs to be serviced. Just pop the OBD ii port out of the vehicle and replace the port with one of the female ends of the cable. Plug the original port and the OBD ii tracker into the other two ends of the Y Cable.

The OBD ii GPS tracker OBDII plugs directly into the OBD ii port. The tracker requires no installation and will provide real time tracking.



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